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Bright White Forever: Membership in Salinas

close shot of smileIn order to provide our patients with the most personalized, efficient, and affordable service possible when it comes to teeth whitening, we're now happy to offer a new program that you won't find anywhere else: Bright White Forever.

The benefits are clear – when you sign up for Bright White Forever, we’ll provide you with bleaching trays that are custom-made to fit your unique mouth, as well as highly effective gel that you’ll use to fill them. Simply wear both together whenever you find the time, and you’ll be able to achieve a brighter, happier smile right in the comfort of your own home!

Teeth can bounce back from virtually every factor that causes them to darken in the first place; all you need is a little help from us to take that first step towards a beautiful new look. Normally, teeth whitening from our Salinas office will cost around $350, but when you sign up for Bright White Forever, you only pay an initial membership fee of $89! All we ask for in return is that you follow two guidelines:

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