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Show You Care: 4 Big Reasons to Appreciate Your Dental Hygienist

March 28, 2024

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A smiling dental hygienist adjusting the lighting

Well, it seems April is nearly here. You’ve likely started prepping for that big solar eclipse on the 8th and other monthly events. That said, don’t forget – the 2nd week of April is Dental Hygienist Week! You’ll want to use that time to honor the workers who help your smile thrive. Of course, your Salinas dentist will help you do so. Here are four big reasons to appreciate your dental hygienist once April arrives.

They’re the First line of (Oral) Defense

Firstly, dental hygienists should be valued for handling most dental checkup duties. They carry out much of these twice-yearly (or more) visits’ tasks.

In fact, consider the last dental checkup you had. It was probably the hygienist who took X-rays of your mouth. Chances are they performed the checkup’s oral cancer screening as well. They should also have been the one cleaning your teeth. Given all these roles, it’s natural to respect your hygienist – they serve as your smile’s first line of defense!

They Pursue Continuing Education

You should also value hygienists for their continuing education. Even after graduating from dental school, they still learn new things to make your grin great.

You see, dental hygienists are required to keep learning in their field. They often have to take over 20 hours of continuing education courses yearly. That way, they can keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date and maintain their licenses. Such dedication to their work is truly admirable.

They’re a Familiar & Caring Face

Even if you don’t see them often, your hygienist is familiar to you and cares about your oral health. Their presence at your checkups is worth appreciating.

Remember, seeing a familiar face at a dental visit improves it. Having a rapport with your hygienist makes the session less stilted and awkward. When you feel close to them, each six-month visit feels like catching up with a friend. So, it’s a good idea to visit the same dental practice for care.

They Give You Oral Hygiene Tips

Hygienists will work on your smile directly to keep it healthy. However, you should also appreciate that they explain how to care for it at home.

Note that your hygienist likely knows your current oral habits. For that reason, they can give you custom tips that protect and improve your oral health. These may include guidance on the right pressure to use when brushing, dental products suited for you, etc.

Clearly, it’s entirely right to appreciate your dental hygienist. Keep that fact in mind as you enter the second week of April.

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