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6 Ways Your Dentist Prepares for Your Visit In COVID-19

May 18, 2020

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Salinas dentist wearing PPE in COVID-19 to prepare for appointment

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, your dental team would thoroughly wash their hands, put on a new, clean pair of gloves, and be ready for your appointment. However, much more goes into preparing for your visit during COVID-19. A wide variety of additional infection controls and safety protocols have been implemented to keep patients and staff safe from the coronavirus. Here are six ways your Salinas dentist and their team prepares to keep you as safe as possible during your appointment in the pandemic.  

1.) Advanced Staff Training

Each team member has taken additional COVID-19 awareness and prevention programs to stay informed and prepared. This enhances their knowledge and ability to provide safe dental care in these unusual times.

2.) Designated Safety Champion

Every day, one team member is designated as Safety Champion. They are tasked with monitoring the practice’s Commitment to Safety, ensuring all additional measures are being followed, and answering questions from patients and staff.

3.) Daily Team Member Health Checks

A team member’s day in the office starts with a quick health questionnaire and no-touch temperature check. This ensures everyone is ready and able to offer safe, healthy dental care every day.

4.) Updated Personal Hygiene Standards

In order to maximize the efficiency of their hand hygiene, the personal hygiene standards of team members have changed. Until further notice, they are not to wear fake nails, rings, watches, or hand jewelry.

5.) More Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment like masks and gloves have always played a key role in safe dentistry. To enhance their work wardrobe even more during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may see them wear items you haven’t seen before, like face shields and disposable, protective coats.

6.) Rigorous Cleaning & Disinfecting

In addition to their already strict sanitation protocols, all high-traffic surfaces like countertops, the front desk, doorknobs, light switches, dental lights, and bathrooms are disinfected even more frequently than normal. Additionally, the entire practice is deep-cleaned every night to completely eliminate the chance of any lingering germs.

While COVID-19 may have changed what “normal” dental appointments look like, it hasn’t changed your dentist’s commitment to your wellbeing. If you need to visit them for dental care after weeks in quarantine, you can rest assured that you’re walking into a clean, germ-free, and fully prepared practice.

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Thanks to the dedication, excellence, and friendliness of our talented dental team, Blanco Circle Dental Care has been voted #1 Dentist in Salinas, CA for six years in a row! We have always gone above and beyond to offer our patients a range of comfortable, effective treatments with the most advanced dental technology. After careful consideration, we have chosen to add 20 additional steps to our ambitious infection control protocols to ensure our patients are as safe as possible while they receive the dental care they need. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us via our website or at (831) 422-7838.

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