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Do You Hate the Dentist?

If you hate the dentist, we don’t take it personally. Whether it’s a bad experience in the past, or just the sounds of the office, it’s completely normal to loathe your dental visits. But what if we could help you learn to love the dentist? As crazy as it may seem, we make every effort to help our patients have a dental experience not only tolerable but also enjoyable. We are ready to provide you with the quality care you need while shattering all previous dental expectations. Read on to see how we do it!

Tell Us About Your Reservations

The first step is simple. Let us know what you hate! It’s not often that you’ll get a free pass to vent, but we want to know what truly makes your dental experiences anything less than amazing. Once we understand your reservations, we can offer ways to help you overcome them.

I am Anxious & Fearful

Dental anxiety is something that millions of people experience, which is why we offer various forms of sedation to keep our patients cool, calm, and collected. Every member of our team is aware of your potential dental fear, which is why we do all we can to ensure positive and relaxing appointments.  

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I've Had a Bad Experience

Traumatic dental experiences, whether it’s from your childhood or more recent, can have a lasting impact on your perception of dentistry. Bad dental appointments will even lead patients to avoid getting the care they need. We’re ready to earn your trust back by creating fun and comfortable visits.

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My Teeth Aren't in the Best of Shape

We believe in helping our patients rather than lecturing them. If you’re afraid to see the dentist because of the condition of your oral health, don’t worry! Our friendly dental team won’t judge your mouth. Instead, we’ll offer the treatments you need to smile with confidence once more.

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I Can Never Find the Time

Busy schedule? We can help you find time! With early and late appointments available, we make sure that everyone can receive the quality care they need. We understand that you have work and family to deal with, which is why we offer a variety of appointment options!

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I Can't Afford It

We never want finances to get in the way of the dental care you deserve. That’s why our friendly team is experienced in maximizing your insurance while minimizing your out-of-pocket costs. We also have an in-house savings plan and additional financing options for those without dental insurance.

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I Hate all the Noises

Do the sounds from dental offices make your skin crawl? No worries! Lay back in one of our comfortable chairs and put on a pair of our noise-canceling headphones. With this quiet and comfortable solution, you can choose your favorite music, audiobooks, or even meditation if you really want to unwind.

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Waiting Rooms Irk Me

We have a comfortable reception area, not a waiting room. So, if you’re annoyed by waiting or even the thought of it, we’ve got you covered. Our friendly team will be standing by, ready to see you at the time of your appointment. Gone are the days of delayed dentistry!

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It Hurts

We don’t want to ever cause our patients discomfort, which is why we are known for our gentle touch. Handling all our patients with extreme care, we take extra efforts to make even numbing injections painless. A dentist that hurt you in the past shouldn’t affect your future, and we’re here to help.

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