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6 Ways Your Dentist Prepares for Your Visit In COVID-19

May 18, 2020

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Salinas dentist wearing PPE in COVID-19 to prepare for appointment

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, your dental team would thoroughly wash their hands, put on a new, clean pair of gloves, and be ready for your appointment. However, much more goes into preparing for your visit during COVID-19. A wide variety of additional infection controls and safety protocols have been implemented to keep patients and staff safe from the coronavirus. Here are six ways your Salinas dentist and their team prepares to keep you as safe as possible during your appointment in the pandemic.  


Dental Emergency? Why You Should Visit Your Dentist Instead of the ER

April 14, 2020

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a young patient seeing an emergency dentist for his toothacheDo you know the best place to go when dealing with a dental emergency? Although it might make sense to visit the local ER, you should rethink this decision, especially if you want to avoid the possibility of contracting COVID-19. When dealing with this type of situation, you may want to consider how beneficial it is to see your emergency dentist. As an individual with proper training and knowledge, you’ll likely get the care you need more quickly and completely.


Does a Dental Crown Restoration Ever Need to be Replaced?

February 13, 2020

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man in dental chair missing tooth preparing for dental crownThe crown of the tooth is the part that is visible above the gum line. Although it’s covered with enamel, which is the strongest material in the human body, it’s still subject to becoming worn, cracked or decayed. If the damage is unrepairable, then a remedy is for a dentist to place a new crown. How long should you expect it to last, though? Furthermore, would there ever be a reason to replace the restoration? As you continue reading, a local dentist answers these questions and provides other valuable information.


Happy New Year from Blanco Circle Dental Care!

January 14, 2020

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Happy New YearDr. Klugman, Dr. Raissi, Dr. Hajdari, and the rest of our staff at Blanco Circle Dental Care wish you a Happy New Year! We want to thank all of our patients for their support in 2019, and we expect 2020 to be even better as we continue to bring Salinas high-quality comprehensive dental care and gorgeous, healthy grins. A visit to your dentist could be the perfect way for you to start off the new year on the right foot; read on to learn how!


How Do Dental Implants Work and Can They Be Used For Front Teeth?

January 11, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — klugman @ 2:07 pm

A dental implant on the front toothIt’s estimated that 5 million dental implants are placed each year. And that kind of popularity speaks volumes about what an outstanding option they are for tooth replacement! But while implants are often used to replace missing back teeth, what if you’ve lost your front teeth from an accident or other issue? Can a dentist in Salinas use implants to restore your smile? In this blog, you’ll get the answer to these questions and also learn the basics of how dental implants work.


Are Dental Implants Better than Crowns?

November 20, 2019

Filed under: Uncategorized — klugman @ 4:09 pm

dental implantsIf you’ve lost a tooth or two over the years, you now have multiple options for tooth replacement. Although a traditional fixed bridge has been the go-to solution for decades, more people are turning to dental implants to treat their tooth loss. Crowns are still an effective option to secure a prosthetic tooth in place; however, a dental implant offers exceptional advantages that aren’t possible using the traditional method. Here’s what you need to know to choose the right option to rebuild your smile.

A Dental Crown and Bridge – Simple Yet Effective Tooth Replacement!

October 12, 2019

Filed under: Uncategorized — klugman @ 3:44 am

older man smiling blue shirtFor any dentist, preserving a tooth is always a top priority. However, there are times when a tooth must be extracted. Still, on other occasions, a tooth may be lost to advanced bacteria growth or sudden trauma. No matter how or why a tooth is loss, the general consensus is that it’s important for it to be replaced. A simple yet effective solution is to receive a dental crown and bridge. As you continue reading, you’ll discover what the process entails and why it’s a viable option for replacing a missing tooth. In addition, you’ll learn about the alternative of having a dental implant placed.


Are Dental Implants the Best Option for Replacing Missing Teeth?

September 17, 2019

Filed under: Uncategorized — klugman @ 1:34 am

older woman smiling with full teethEach tooth is dependent on those surrounding it to maintain its position. Therefore, if even one is left missing for a prolonged period of time, there can be issues. One challenge that can arise is the other teeth shifting. This can cause further problems, one of which is the accelerated accumulation of bacteria and plaque. Thankfully, this and other unwanted issues can be averted with the placement of a dental implant. To get an understanding of what makes the procedure so effective, the question needs to be answered: “What are dental implants made of?” Continue reading as a local dentist provides some insight!


What Are Dental Crowns Made Of?

August 5, 2019

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dental crown

Fillings, teeth cleanings, and direct bonding procedures are pretty standard affairs at most checkups with your dentist in Salinas. However, dental crowns are starting to become more and more popular, and with good reason. They can be used to fix a wide variety of issues with a tooth. Read more to learn more about crowns, what they are made of, and how they can benefit you.


Who Can You Trust for Teeth Whitening in Salinas?

July 10, 2019

Filed under: Uncategorized — klugman @ 6:53 pm

Teeth WhiteningWho doesn’t want a smile like the ones celebrities on TV have? That’s why there are so many products on the market promising that they can give you whiter, prettier teeth. But are these do-it-yourself treatments really as reliable as professional whitening? Learn more about the various methods of teeth whitening in Salinas – and why seeing your dentist may be your best bet.


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